Operation Compassion Continues Exceptional Growth

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By , September 8, 2014

Operation Compassion: A Ministry of Blessing has been helping underserved and poor children, widows, senior adults and single parent families for more than 14 years. From the humble beginnings of $200 and a pick-up truck to deliver product, Operation Compassion has grown into more than $100 million a year non-profit charity.

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Operation Compassion Sends Record Number of Building Supplies

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By , August 22, 2014

Recently, Operation Compassion was able to send a record number of semi-trailers loaded with tile to overseas partners. This record of thirty semis for a single month will be used to build schools, medical clinics, orphanages and feeding centers.

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Operation Compassion Prepares for Disaster Response

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By , July 9, 2014

Somewhere in the world a disaster strikes! Often the survivors of these disasters are unprepared and unable to handle the immediate crisis. Survivors become dependent upon resources being mobilized by government agencies and non-profit charities. For families, it can become a life or death struggle trying to find food, water and shelter, the basic necessities of life.

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Operation Compassion Sends Relief Aid to New Mexico

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By , June 25, 2014

Located just west of Gallup, NM is the First American Distribution Center. This is a major source of assistance to the Navajo Reservation and other Indian Nations nearby. For several years, Mike Hartwell has been the coordinator splitting his time between New Mexico and West Virginia where he is also the coordinator of the Appalachian Dream Center. This past winter was harsh on the high desert plateau and supplies previously sent by Operation Compassion have been depleted. Continue reading 'Operation Compassion Sends Relief Aid to New Mexico'»

Operation Compassion Sends Medical Supplies to Eight Countries

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By , May 14, 2014

In many countries it is difficult for the poor to find adequate medical care. Often they go untreated because of the scarcity of clinics and lack of medical equipment and supplies. With the increase in disease and injury prevalent in underdeveloped countries because of improper sanitation and lack of footwear, medical supplies become a life or death commodity. In response to this continuing need, Operation Compassion has sent a variety of medical supplies and equipment to eight countries.  Continue reading 'Operation Compassion Sends Medical Supplies to Eight Countries'»

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