Operation Compassion Receives Blanket Grant

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By , February 20, 2015

Just in time for winter, Operation Compassion received a grant for more than 225,000 blankets for distribution to its partners. Last year, when Operation Compassion received the grant for blankets, no one knew the winter would set records across the mid-west, eastern and southern United States. As many areas set records for low temperature and snowfall it was extremely difficult for the homeless and underserved populations to survive.

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Operation Compassion Receives Large Donation for One Million Child Initiative

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By , December 10, 2014

As Operation Compassion has been moving forward with the One Million Child Initiative, critical supplies and materials from valued corporate partners have been received. However, one of the largest donations of tile was offered in the past few days.  Continue reading 'Operation Compassion Receives Large Donation for One Million Child Initiative'»

Operation Compassion Launches Network Serving One Million Children

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By , November 4, 2014

Over the course of the past several months, Operation Compassion has been in discussion with many church and governmental leaders in Mexico and Central America about launching a network involving multiple non-profit agencies, country presidents, city mayors, and approximately 6,000 churches. This network will serve more than one million at risk and underserved children living in the region.
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Operation Compassion Continues Exceptional Growth

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By , September 8, 2014

Operation Compassion: A Ministry of Blessing has been helping underserved and poor children, widows, senior adults and single parent families for more than 14 years. From the humble beginnings of $200 and a pick-up truck to deliver product, Operation Compassion has grown into more than $100 million a year non-profit charity.

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Operation Compassion Sends Record Number of Building Supplies

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By , August 22, 2014

Recently, Operation Compassion was able to send a record number of semi-trailers loaded with tile to overseas partners. This record of thirty semis for a single month will be used to build schools, medical clinics, orphanages and feeding centers.

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