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By , April 5, 2020

Kelvin E. Page

Kelvin Page has enjoyed serving the past 40 years in dynamic ministry to the poor and underserved in the communities he has lived. His career has taken him from his home of White Cloud, Michigan to Colorado, North Carolina and Tennessee while serving as pastor. During each of these stops, Kelvin was pouring himself into the lives of countless persons in need of assistance and mentorship.

From an early age, his father instilled in him the characteristics of leadership. As a star player in sports, Kelvin became a leader in and out of the locker room. While his mother was showing him the necessity of care for those in need. Through this strong leadership model, Kelvin would grow up with a strong motivation to not only help with physical needs but also emotional and intellectual needs as well.

When Page accepted the pastorate of the Rocky Mountain Church of God in Colorado, he started a street ministry that reached throughout Denver. Page became quick friends with Dale Maxwell of the Denver Rescue Mission who helped him further develop his philosophy of ministry to the poor. Feeding and clothing the needy soon turned into sponsorship of several Slavic and Korean immigrant families, 700 in all.

In 2000, Kelvin became pastor of the Westmore Church of God where he still serves. During the past 20 years, Page has marked his tenure with unprecedented growth both numerically and through ministry opportunities. Early in his tenure, he started The Caring Place, a community center meeting the needs of the poorest section of town. Recently, he has co-founded and serves as president of U-Turn Institute which highlights the tragic stories of individuals as they make a U-turn in life to improving their station. In addition, Kelvin has helped establish the Transition House and Legacy Village.

Currently, Kelvin serves on the board of directors for the European Theological Seminary and Providence Senior Living. He was a past board member of West Coast Bible College. He also serves on the Tennessee State Council, Pastor’s Advisory Council and Ministerial Training and Licensing Board.

On April 23, 2020, after having served on the board of directors for Operation Compassion for a number of years, Kelvin Page was named president. Characteristic of his leadership and caring qualities, Page is looking toward a strong future of continued dynamic ministry as Operation Compassion continues its global impact.

In November 1980, Kelvin married his high school sweetheart, Deborah Schrable and has lived in Cleveland, TN since 2000. They have three sons, 2 daughters-in-law, 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Kelvin is alumni of Lee University and the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

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lisa_boen1Lisa Boen

Lisa Boen came to Operation Compassion from a successful career in the retail market. After having spent much of her time serving people purchase product, Lisa decided to join Operation Compassion where she could serve people life sustaining product. Operation Compassion was a small charity getting started when Lisa was hired to do the paperwork. For several years, Lisa kept up with the record keeping and helped load and unload trucks from time to time.

As Operation Compassion grew, Lisa continued to develop her skills and competencies to keep pace with the growing demands of corporate growth. Her expertise developed in logistics and support as she became warehouse manager of Operation Compassion’s Alabama warehouse. In March 2003, Lisa moved her family to Cleveland, TN to assume the day to day management of our main international warehouse.

Since Operation Compassion has experienced explosive growth during this time, Lisa was named Vice President of Operations for Operation Compassion which includes the day to day management of the warehouse staff, transportation staff and the procurement staff. Lisa currently resides in Cleveland, TN with her husband Gary. Lisa and Gary have two daughters and two grandchildren.

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tim_burdashaw1Tim Burdashaw

Tim Burdashaw has enjoyed more than forty-four years of dynamic vocation characterized by compassion and care for the poor and marginalized. While attending college, Tim received an invitation to reach out to a retirement complex where he regularly provided for the special needs of the constituents. This became the norm as he embarked upon a calling that encompassed more than twenty years of labor to the poor and underserved in rural and urban locations.

While working in Chicago, Tim initiated a program to Cook County Jail inmates’ families. This program helped family members locate services within the city that would enable them to continue to provide for their children while their spouses were incarcerated. Hundreds of inmates’ family members were helped each year with basic necessities and Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets and toys.

When Burdashaw and his family moved to Wichita, KS, he began a hot meal feeding program that was totally supported by the community. The homeless were bused from downtown and were fed, clothed and showered. More than one hundred homeless were fed each week. During the winter months, he opened an emergency shelter for the homeless and those without adequate heat.

For the majority of his professional life, Tim has given attention to meeting other’s needs. During a catastrophic illness that dominated his life for seven years, he was busy helping others hospitalized alongside him. Comforting and counseling other patients dealing with a similar illness, Tim never considered quitting or trying something different. His health and healing were wrapped up in his ability to help others.

In November 2001, Burdashaw joined the staff of Operation Compassion. Over the years, Operation Compassion has experienced unprecedented growth. Each month the volume of semis received and shipped grew as did the number of people serviced. Operation Compassion has responded to major disasters, hunger in rural and urban America, poverty in third world countries including medical and dental clinics, birthing stations and feeding centers. Throughout the world and across the United States, children, widows, senior adults and single parent families have been and will continue to be the priority of Operation Compassion.

Currently, Tim is the Vice President of Development and Communications. Since 1995, Tim Burdashaw has resided in Cleveland, TN along with his wife, Debbie. Tim and Debbie have two children, a daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. Tim is an alumni of Lee University and Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

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