Operation Compassion Furnishes Home for a Local Veteran

By , September 14, 2020

Operation Compassion is usually synonymous with natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and the list goes on. However, there are many different types of disasters – economic, health, emotional, etcetera. Recently, Operation Compassion was asked to help a man experiencing his own personal disaster.

A local veteran was found homeless due to do circumstances beyond his control. He was living with his parents in a local apartment complex. When his parents died, he was unable to remain in the apartment they shared. This left our veteran without any place to go. He lived on the streets for a while and frequented the local Salvation Army, not for handouts but to hide from the elements behind the building.  

Salvation Army workers tried to encourage him to come inside and take a shower and a meal but to no avail. Then one day our veteran was invited in for a shower and a meal. He graciously accepted. Upon entering the facility, our veteran began telling his story; a story of service to his country and his family without asking for anything in return.

Over time, the workers at the Salvation Army helped him secure the money his family had left him and encouraged him to rent a home. After helping him look, a small house was secured and our veteran was ready to move in. The only problem was he had no furniture and very few belongings to move.

Operation Compassion was contacted by the Salvation Army and our veteran’s story was shared. Operation Compassion was able to assist our veteran with all the furnishings needed to make his small house a comfortable home. No matter your level of disaster, Operation Compassion is ready to do its best to help, especially our veterans who have sacrificed so much and ask so little in return.

In order for Operation Compassion to continue helping veterans and others during their disaster, we need financial partners like you. Would you consider becoming a financial partner? It is easy and convenient to give online, by mail or call us. A little help goes a long way!

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