Operation Compassion: Finding Peace . . . During the Storm

By , August 28, 2020

As Hurricane Laura is moving further away from the Gulf Coast and into the Mid-Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys, Operation Compassion is delivering truck loaded with goods and supplies for the survivors in Lake Charles and along the coastal areas. Our partners are also in place helping with the clean-up and debris removal in various locations.

Hurricane Laura has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression as moves through Arkansas and into Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee with heavy rains and threats of possible tornadoes. Because TD Laura is packing quite a b punch, Operation Compassion remains on alert for new areas needing assistance and help.

God’s Pit Crew, Mercy Chefs, Feed the Children and other disaster relief partners of Operation Compassion are continuing their assistance. Bottled water, food, hygiene supplies and many other products are staged and ready to roll into the disaster areas. Hot meals are being prepared for the survivors and first responders.

Financial partners are vital for our continued relief efforts. It is easy to give online, by phone (debit/credit card), or through the mail. Become a financial partner with Operation Compassion! Finding Peace . . . During the Storm!




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