Operation Compassion Sends Christmas to Tortola

By , January 11, 2018

In late November, in the middle of a strategic disaster relief effort for Tortola, Operation Compassion began anticipating the need to send Christmas items to the island nation. Tortola had survived a category 5 hurricane and was trying to dig out and rebuild. The island was decimated with little infrastructure for rebuilding but the islanders are resilient and were doing their best.

Operation Compassion put together a load of toys, children’s clothes including underwear, pants, shorts and shoes. In addition, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, diapers and over the counter medicines were also provided.

A few days before Christmas, the container arrived and leadership on the island began distribution. Many have remarked that is was a time of fun and laughter and a reprieve from the pressures of rebuilding. 

While Christmas has been over in the States for a couple of weeks, in Tortola they are still remembering and enjoying their break form the stress and the children are still playing with toys that were not expected.

If you would like the be a part of the continuing relief effort to Tortola, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands, you can give financially trough one of our simple methods below.

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