Operation Compassion Continues Relief Effort in Caribbean

By , November 10, 2017

As the memory of Hurricane Maria fades for some, that memory is still fresh and vivid for those trying to recover throughout the Caribbean. Puerto Rico was hit especially hard, losing the vast majority of their infrastructure.

Throughout the past several weeks, Operation Compassion has been sending 40’ containers to the island nations that have been affected, St. Kitts, Antiqua, Dominica, St. Martin, and Puerto Rico. In some locations, hotels, banks and other businesses are beginning to open which will allow tourists to return, opening the way for recovery. However, Puerto Rico will need more time.

In Puerto Rico, the electrical grid has to be completely rebuilt. While some hotels and businesses have reopened, they are mostly running off of generator power. According to government sources it could take until February 2018 before power is restored to a majority of the island and into the summer before power is 100% restored. Hospitals and emergency services are a priority as many other pieces of their infrastructure are rebuilt.

Operation Compassion started sending relief aid and soon as Hurricane Maria moved away from Puerto Rico. With a generous grant from partners, Operation Compassion was able to fly 4 containers to give immediate relief. As the ports opened and logistics were worked out, Operation Compassion began shipping containers of relief goods. So far, a total of 44 containers of relief goods have been sent to the survivors of Hurricane Maria.

This relief effort will not be over in a few weeks but could take months and years for some to fully recover. We need your help to continue serving the survivors. Can you help?

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