Operation Compassion Responds to Caribbean Islands

By , September 22, 2017

With two Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria having decimated several islands in the British and American Virgin Islands within a week of each other, Operation Compassion has started relief efforts to those islands. In addition, to the ongoing recovery effort in Houston and Florida, Operation Compassion is waiting for the all clear to begin shipping operations to Tortola, St. Lucia, Antigua, and Dominica.

In Tortola, Hurricane Irma destroyed 85% of the island leaving government buildings, schools, hospitals and homes uninhabitable. Islanders lost everything! Operation Compassion has staged 10 – 40’ sea worthy containers for immediate shipment focusing on the needs of the people. Containers afterward will focus on building supplies for rebuilding as well as continuing support for families and individuals.

Hurricane Maria slammed head on into Dominica leaving a wake of near total destruction in this poor island nation of 75,000 people. Operation compassion has 2 containers staged and ready for the all clear to begin shipping. In addition, St. Lucia and Antigua was battered about and Operation Compassion has staged 1 container for each ready to get the all clear.

The hardest hit received from Maria was Puerto Rico. They received a broadside from Maria and 2 days later are still receiving rain and flooding from her outer bands as she moved to the northwest. Puerto Rico lost its entire power grid and is 100% blacked out. Officials say it could take months to completely restore the island’s power. Crews are currently working to restore emergency power for hospitals and necessary functions of the island.

Currently, Operation Compassion has product staged in Houston from our Cleveland, TN warehouse that will be flown to Puerto Rico as soon as the airport is open.

As anyone can imagine, helping the survivors recover from 3 major hurricanes back to back in less than one month is a huge and daunting undertaking. However, with continued financial support from our faithful donors, Operation Compassion will continue on course. Join with Operation Compassion is helping 

our island neighbors!

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