Operation Compassion Responds to Hurricane Matthew

By , October 5, 2016

hurricane-matthewHurricane Matthew is the most powerful storm in more than a decade to impact Haiti, the surrounding region, and now threatens the United States.  The southwestern peninsula of Haiti is marooned, small towns and villages have been devastated by flooding and mudslides, and the storm is still going.  More than 20 inches of rain fell across Haiti and Jamaica, and now the United States braces for the impact of a storm that is strengthening over warm Caribbean waters.   

For more than a decade, Operation Compassion has been working with partner agencies in Haiti and Jamaica delivering on average 15 forty-foot containers of relief-aid every month.  These shipments contain critically needed products such as food, water, clothing, building materials, medical supplies, medical equipment and other emergency relief items.


Consistent shipments delivered every month for the past 12 years, has positioned Operation Compassion for a fast and meaningful response. Products are already in country at partner warehouses and on container ships ready to be unloaded. Additionally, Operation Compassion has staged 150 pallets worth of emergency relief products to send to Haiti in response to Hurricane Matthew.

As Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas brace themselves for what could be a destructive hurricane, Operation Compassion is monitoring the situation and preparing a response.  “Our donors are important to our disaster relief operations,” says David Lorency, president of Operation Compassion, “we are able to respond because of their support.”


Will you provide assistance to the victims of this terrible storm? Join us in helping those in need.

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