Operation Compassion Begins Disaster Response to Southern Louisiana

By , August 15, 2016

LA FLOODOver the week-end flooding increased in southern Louisiana to near record levels as thousands were displaced from their homes and businesses were destroyed or severely damaged. As rain continued to fall at record rates more than 7,000 emergency rescues of stranded homeowners and drivers were performed by first responders.

As the scope of the damage and displaced began to be assessed, Operation Compassion begin to mobilize its disaster relief response to the area. Eight semi-trailers loaded and staged with various disaster relief supplies at our Cleveland, TN warehouse will be delivered starting on Tuesday. Operation Compassion was ready to start immediate delivers but was asked to wait due to the flooding of major roads and highways. Operation Compassion will resource several churches hosting relief sites.

In addition, our strategic disaster relief partner, Feed the Children, will begin moving two semi-trailers of disaster supplies from their Oklahoma City, OK warehouse. Feed the Children has been a valued partner for more than 15 years and has collaborated on many projects.

OCTruckAs reported, several churches received damage or were destroyed in the flooding. Robert, Savannah Branch, Life Church and Bethel Worship Center and others all sustained heavy damage to their property. In one location, 60 Hispanic church families were displaced by the flood seeking shelter in a church and were flooded out of that location. These families lost everything to the flood.

There are many people across the southern region of Louisiana that are hurting and in need of help; displaced by no fault of their own. This could be just the beginning of a massive response to these survivors. Operation Compassion needs your financial help! A donation today could save a life tomorrow!

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