Operation Compassion: America’s Most Cost-Effective Charities

By , December 18, 2015

SocialMEDIAAward2-1Once again Operation Compassion will be a part of a Combined Federal Campaign charity federation of “America’s Most Cost-Effective Charities.” In order to be listed in this group, charities must not spend more than 1% of the total income for overhead expenses.

Since the inception of Operation Compassion, the overhead has consistently been only a fraction of the 1%. In fact, the highest percentage of overhead during our 16 year history has been less 1%. This federation is so specialized that less than 30 charities are invited to participate out of tens of thousands of active charities.

Operation Compassion has been given a similar honor for over 8 years. Operation Compassion was one of the “Charities Under 1%” group, listed as “One of America’s Most Efficient Charities” by Forbes.com, as a “Top 100 Charity” by The Chronicle of Philanthropy and as a “Top 100 Charity” by the Non-Profit Times.

According to David Lorency, president of Operation Compassion, “We have always done our best to be good stewards of the finances trusted to us by our donors. Our donors have worked hard to help provide for people less fortunate. The least we can do is to maximize their donation by providing the most value possible for every dollar.”

Celebrate this milestone with Operation Compassion by becoming a donor to one of “America’s Most Cost-Effective Charities.” We make it easy to donate!

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