Operation Compassion Continues its Relief Work in SC, People respond through Social Media

By , October 12, 2015

IMG_2846Recovery work continues in South Carolina as high water levels still plague residents and some communities remain cut off. In the midst of the catastrophe, Operation Compassion is on the move delivering critical disaster relief to the hardest hit areas. As of today 16 semi-trailers of critical relief supplies have been delivered to 5 temporary warehouses and a multitude of locations throughout South Carolina. Stories are pouring in from volunteers and partners telling what the response has meant to them through social media:

“I cannot say enough positive things about the ministry of Operation Compassion, a ministry of blessing… Having never been involved in disaster relief personally, I did not know what to expect. Operation Compassion has sent truck after truck, not only to our area, but to other areas too throughout the state of South Carolina.” – Pastor Byron Powers – Elmwood Ave COG, Columbia, SC

“Huge, gigantic, big, humongous, jumbo SHOUT OUT to Operation Compassion, a ministry of blessing!!! The blessings keep rolling in!!! Thank you!” –Susan Bebee – Columbia, SC

National Guard helping with relief effort unloading Operation Compassion relief supplies

National Guard helping with relief effort unloading Operation Compassion relief supplies

“Taking food to the other side of the river. Big Dam and Piney Forest area. Thank you South Carolina National Guard and Operation Compassion.” –Pastor Edward Hardee –Andrews COG –Andrews, SC

“Thanks to @Cleveland_TN based @Op_Compassion for their relief work in SC.” –Rep. Kevin Brooks –Assistant Majority Leader –TN House of Representatives

“@Op-Compassion//No one does it better! Caring, Concerned and Compassionate…”                   Dr. M. Thomas Propes –Church of God Secretary General

“Thankful for the ministry of @Op_Compassion! They are making a big difference in South Carolina!” –Rob Bailey –State Youth Director for the Church of God in SC

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