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By , May 15, 2015

Operation Compassion has a worldwide scope of ministry and assistance to the underserved and non-served populations. While we are proud of our accomplishments outside the United States, Operation Compassion fills a vital role assisting those same populations inside the United States. To this end, Operation Compassion sent more than 235 semi-trucks to rural and urban America.

Through Operation Compassion’s network of partners, products and supplies sent varied from food to building supplies to everything in-between. From the southernmost Native American Reservations to the largest urban areas, Operation Compassion was there helping, assisting and aiding single-parent families, children and senior adults.


Appalachia is a region of our country that suffers great need. Many people think of Appalachia as being in the south. However, most of Appalachia is in the snow belt going through Maine. This year seemed to be particularly rough for weather.

Because of the harshness of the region and our long term commitment, Operation Compassion sent more than 130 semi-truck loads into various areas of the region. Clothing, shoes, blankets, reading glasses, adult diapers, car seats, food, bedding, baby food and other life-sustaining products and supplies were delivered.

Native America

Native Americans have reservations scattered throughout the United States. Most reservations are depressed economically and are in need of assistance. Especially, when winter weather in the northern tier begins and the dry heat of the high desert scorches the earth in the summer.

In an ongoing effort to assist those in need, Operation Compassion sent multiple semi-truck loads of vital supplies and products. Blankets, water, food, building and plumbing supplies are just a few of the products delivered to various reservations.

Disaster Relief

This past year, the worst disaster was the extreme cold and snow spread across a large portion of the United States. While most people have adequate shelter and heat, a large segment of the population is either underserved or non-served.

In an effort to help these individuals and families cope with these extreme weather conditions, Operation Compassion delivered more than 220,000 blankets. These blankets are specially designed to keep one’s body heat from escaping. Operation Compassion had the blankets pre-staged from Florida to New York and Virginia to New Mexico for easier and timelier distribution.


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