Operation Compassion Reaches Ivory Coast, Africa

By , April 24, 2015

Operation Compassion has been working on inventories for the last several weeks in preparation of sending health and medical supplies to the country of Ivory Coast in West Africa. Prior to their recent civil war, Ivory Coast had one of the best medical/health plans for their citizens. Their infrastructure was able to handle most any illness or surgical needs at no cost to its populace. However, that has all changed.

Because of the destructive nature of civil war and unrest, the medical/health system began to crumble leaving its citizens to find medical relief anywhere or way they could. Non-profits started reaching out to help alleviate some of the suffering.

Recently, Operation Compassion has joined a partnership that will be able to secure delivery of medical equipment, supplies and health products. In all, Operation Compassion has 10 overseas shipping containers at the ready. The medical equipment and supplies include examination tables, syringes, medical carts with medical supplies, gloves, isolation gowns, biohazard sharps containers, destainer, sanitizer, x-ray readers, surgical packs and many products.

Operation Compassion made a commitment 15 years ago to help people in need around the world. That commitment is continuing to be fulfilled but with your support we can do more.

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