Operation Compassion Continues Support of Honduran Orphanage

By , April 7, 2015


Approximately 10 years ago, a Chattanooga dentist approached Operation Compassion with an idea to help Orphanage Emmanuel in Comayaguela, Honduras. The vision was to send raw wheat to the orphanage, teach them to mill it and use the flour to bake goods in support of the more than 600 children housed there. A partnership was born and Dr. Don Reynolds and Operation Compassion have been sending wheat ever since.

During the early stages of this partnership the wheat was shipped and a miller was on site ready to teach the milling process for turning wheat into flour. A baker was brought in and taught them how to bake bread and other products that would help feed and supplement the children’s diet. Teaching the locals the milling and baking skills insured the orphanage could help sustain itself.

The wheat, flour and bread have been a source of food as well as an economic aid to the orphanage. Operation Compassion, Dr. Reynolds and David and Lydia Martinez, directors of the Orphanage Emmanuel, have shared and worked this vision as an example of what can be done to help feed, house and educate children living in extreme poverty without any resources. Partner with Operation Compassion! Together we can make and impact.

David Lorency, President

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