Operation Compassion Receives Blanket Grant

By , February 20, 2015

Just in time for winter, Operation Compassion received a grant for more than 225,000 blankets for distribution to its partners. Last year, when Operation Compassion received the grant for blankets, no one knew the winter would set records across the mid-west, eastern and southern United States. As many areas set records for low temperature and snowfall it was extremely difficult for the homeless and underserved populations to survive.

During this winter season, again the temperatures and snowfall are setting records. Operation Compassion is prepared to have its partners ready to give away more blankets. Operation Compassion received these blankets as part of a grant for distribution anywhere in the United States. Because of the severe low temperatures and unusual snowfall again this year the need for these blankets has been tremendous.

As cold temperatures with snow and ice gripping most of the United States, Blankets are a desperate commodity for the homeless and underserved communities. In fact, in Tennessee there have been 10 weather related deaths reported. One homeless man died in Chattanooga, TN from exposure.

With the help of our partners from Florida to the Northeastern states and Virginia to NewMexico, truckloads of blankets have been made available in an effort to help so this event is not repeated. Hope Charitable Services in Virginia distributed blankets to the homeless of eastern shore. Other reports are coming in as the severe cold continues to grip the nation.

Operation Compassion and its partners have undertaken a very large job and assumed a great responsibility in helping provide for people that have little to no resources. Will you join with us, become a partner and together we can accomplish so much more.


David Lorency, President

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