Operation Compassion Sends Record Number of Building Supplies

By , August 22, 2014

Recently, Operation Compassion was able to send a record number of semi-trailers loaded with tile to overseas partners. This record of thirty semis for a single month will be used to build schools, medical clinics, orphanages and feeding centers.

The families that live in these countries receiving the building supplies are struggling to provide the basics of life: food, shelter, medical and education. Most of these families make less than $1 per day and the number of homeless children rises every year. With the threat of disease and death, it becomes very important for them to have a place to receive nutritious meals, a place to live, medical attention and an education that they can use to escape the extreme poverty in which they live.

In addition, Operation Compassion has joined networks that are building on average 7,000 homes each year. While it is not economically feasible for Operation Compassion to attempt to build these homes alone, by joining a network and contributing our piece of the construction, we are maximizing our efforts to help shelter as many as possible every year.

Since the very beginning, Operation Compassion has felt it necessary to work with networks of partners in order to maximize our efforts without duplicating what other charities do every day. Many times Operation Compassion takes the lead role, at other times we work in the background. The bottom line is what is more important? Credit or Credibility? Operation Compassion has always felt credibility was the most important. Getting help to those in need is more important than who delivers it! It’s about maximizing effort for the good of the poor and needy. This interdependence with other charities and NGO’s has been our hallmark.

Join our financial network of partners so together we can make a difference!

David Lorency, President

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