Operation Compassion Delivers Clothing to Those in Need

By , April 8, 2014

During the past several months the distribution of clothing has become a focal point for Operation Compassion. While most people have access to some type of clothing, adequate clothing is hard to come by for the poor and helpless. Clothing which we take for granted is critical for those who do without. Clothing serves 4 basic needs: 1.) clothing provides warmth from the cold; 2.) clothing provides protection from the sun; 3.) clothing for children provides the uniforms necessary to attend school and 4.) clothing can make a difference in employment for adults.

With this in mind, Operation Compassion and a few select partners have embraced the necessity to help provide as many articles of clothing as possible. Recently, 8 semi-trailers of men’s shirts were received from Belgium which was sent to countries in Latin America, Africa and Moldova in Eastern Europe.

Operation Compassion also sent 4 semi-trailers of adult clothing from our Cleveland warehouse to distribution partners in the U.S., the Caribbean and Central America. In addition, 8 semi-trailers of children’s clothes were delivered to several locations around the world. In all, Operation Compassion was able to distribute 359,000 pieces of clothing during a recent 4 month period.

Operation Compassion and many of its partners have assumed a great responsibility in trying to provide one of the basics of human life – clothing. Will you join us in this effort? There are 3 ways you can donate.

David Lorency, President

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