Operation Compassion and Partners Provide Medical Clinics

By , August 20, 2013

Operation Compassion has always worked with multiple charitable partners in order to meet the needs of underdeveloped and underserved communities around the world. Any one project could involve 1, 5 or more partners, each doing their part of the project. Some partners provide volunteers; another may provide shipping expertise, while some may provide products and goods. Regardless, of the role of a single charity’s participation, the project requires the interdependency of each charity.

Such is the case with the manufacture and shipping of medical clinics. For several years, Operation Compassion has joined other charities in helping provide these clinics in various places of need.

Each medical clinic is constructed as a stand-alone structure by converting a 40 foot international shipping container. Once the clinic is shipped and received on site, the only necessary preparation is a concrete slab to sit the clinic on and building an entrance.

David Lorency, President of Operation Compassion stated, “Recently, Operation Compassion and partner Frank Allen of Hope Charitable Services was asked to place a clinic that was built. The clinic was set up in Haiti to an area with an estimated population of 80,000 and immediately opened for service using doctors and nurses going on short term missions.”


Operation Compassion contacted Love a Child in Haiti. Love a Child is helping the poorest of the poor through schools, feeding centers and medical clinics. Haiti remains a country with extreme poverty and a devastated infrastructure due to the 2010 earthquake. Tens of thousands of people live in refugee camps or out in the open country. Unemployment is at record levels and there is nowhere to escape. Any assistance is needed and appreciated.

When Love a Child wanted to expand its medical clinics to include optometry, Operation Compassion was able to deliver 6 pallets of reconditioned eyeglasses and eyeglass frames. In addition, Operation Compassion is sending 6 pallets of Sketcher shoes.

David Lorency, President

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