Operation Compassion delivers a million pairs of shoes to needy families

By , March 20, 2013

Who could imagine that shoes, an item that many American’s collect for fashion, in the right hands could save a life? Through the efforts of Operation Compassion and their network of partnerships, that is what shoes are doing. According to Bill Gates, “50 percent of the infectious diseases in the world can be prevented with two things. Toilets and shoes.” One shoe manufacturer estimates that 100 million children lack a pair of adequate shoes. Shoes are an essential barrier against disease and are required in most areas for school attendance and for work. Our health, education of our children and employment are 3 things we cannot afford to lose. Everyday, millions go without these essentials.

 Not anymore! Operation Compassion is shipping new shoes to those in critical need. For every $1 donated, a new pair of shoes can be delivered enabling a child to attend school, a single mother to qualify for a job and a young girl to no longer fear soil-transmitted parasites. Last year, over a million people received a pair of shoes through Operation Compassion. Already this year, they have delivered over 200,000 pairs.

David Lorency, President

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