Operation Compassion Responds to Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia

By , November 9, 2010

As Mt. Merapi in central Indonesia continues to erupt, Operation Compassion begins its response to the devastated area. A request has been made for blankets, soy rice, face masks and other products necessary to sustain life as more than 350,000 Indonesians are homeless following the initial eruption.

Rescue worker carries recovered body from Mt. Merapi eruption.

With gas clouds and debris shooting 3,000 feet into the air and ash and pyroclastic flows pouring down the slopes more than 141 bodies have been recovered so far. Government officials have cleared people from a 12 mile danger zone from the peak as tens of thousands seek shelter with adequate water and sanitation facilities.

After the newest blast from Mt. Merapi, scientists reported increased activity from 21 other active volcanoes in the area. Officials have also raised the alert levels at 129 other volcanoes in Indonesia with 19 showing the possibility of eruption in two weeks or less.

Ash covers local village near Mt. Merapi, Indonesia.

In the face of the possibility of multiple volcanic eruptions across the island nation of Indonesia, Operation Compassion will commence its disaster relief response in an effort to help those suffering through this uncertain time. Any donations from our partners will help Operation Compassion in this massive relief effort.

Please send your donations to or contact:

Operation Compassion
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