Operation Compassion Continues Regional Flood Relief

By , June 21, 2010

Several weeks after severe flooding in the Nashville, TN area, Operation Compassion is still helping with immediate needs. Another semi truck of disaster goods and supplies were sent last week making the total number of 17 semi trucks sent into the area.

The Taplin Freewill Baptist Church suffered damages from a mud slide. loganbanner.com (Photo/Jerry Fekete)

In addition, one of Operation Compassion’s disaster relief partners, God’s Pit Crew is in Nashville, TN helping rebuild a church. Their ministry of clean-up, mud-out, debris removal and repair, restoration and rebuilding is vital to helping families get back on their feet and starting life fresh following a natural disaster.

Flood waters rush down the streets. loganbanner.com (Photo/Jerry Fekete)

Last week, flooding occurred in the Logan, WV area. Several valleys were inundated with flood waters sweeping everything in its path downstream; some of the worst flooding in more than 33 years. Appalachia Dream Center (ADC) responded with goods and supplies from a semi truck that Operation Compassion sent them. Many families lost something; some families lost everything; other families were fortunate and were unscathed.

The Appalachian Dream Center at Holden and other organizations distributing food, water and cleaning supplies. loganbanner.com

Operation Compassion and ADC was the first to respond to this regional disaster. Operation Compassion has developed a long history of responding to the needs of the Appalachian people, especially those living in West Virginia and Kentucky. As recovery and clean-up continues, ADC and Operation Compassion will continue to assist and help were needed, doing everything possible to alleviate the suffering caused by this recent flood.

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