International Grants Increase In 2008

By , January 21, 2009

Internationally, there were many positive ministry opportunities that were unforeseen at the beginning of 2008. Operation Compassion began to be offered rice from China for distribution around the world. Soon after Croc shoes, made in China, gave Operation Compassion a grant to distribute their popular shoes to impoverished communities in several countries. Shoes were also offered by manufacturers in Australia and Mexico. All around the world, manufacturers are turning to Operation Compassion to help persons living in catastrophic or depressed circumstances.

Operation Compassion also began a partnership with Green Solutions in 2008. Part of Green Solutions mission is to take offices and office furniture and find new purposes and homes for them. Operation Compassion has received furniture from three warehouses and a office high rise as well as office furniture from China as well. Institutional Recycling is another company similar to Green Solutions. They go into colleges and universities and repurpose and retool dormitory furniture for use in other locations. Institutional Recycling has remodeled such schools as Harvard, Yale and Princeton among many others.

In addition to Operation Compassion receiving product from around the world, operation Compassion has seen a steady growth in the number of countries we have been able to ship. It was not that long ago we were restricted to shipping to Caribbean Island nations. During 2008, Operation Compassion saw many doors open as we shipped to and from many countries. Several African nations opened South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Operation Compassion also shipped product to Romania, Philippines, Cambodia as well as eighteen Caribbean Basin countries and Indonesia, France, England, Russia Ukraine, Thailand and the city of Hong Kong.

Millions of pounds of product have been shipped around the world helping thousands of families to cope with poverty and disaster. Many times people think of Operation Compassion sending goods from the United States to other nations. However, Operation Compassion has developed a truly global mission with global resources. Toys from China and Mexico may be shipped to Romania and Indonesia. Rice from China and Italy may be shipped to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Belgium. Shoes from Australia may be shipped to Kenya and the Philippines. In addition to product in the U.S. that are continually shipped around this world.

Operation Compassion has been able to impact families in many parts of the world regardless of their station in life. To most of these families, Operation Compassion is not just a ministry of caring but we are their survival. Without our assistance, without our part of this global charitable network, many families will go to bed hungry, with meager clothing and a lack of hope for any future. When Operation Compassion moves product, we are giving hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for survival of another day and hope in the care and love of one for another.
Operation Compassion has matured into a global ministry in fourteen short years!

Respectfully Submitted,

David Lorency

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