Catastrophic Storms Wreck Havoc across the Country

By , November 22, 2006

With a dry and quiet summer behind us across the United States, a late autumn storm wrecked havoc from coast to coast. As the storm system made its way inland from the Pacific Ocean, cities up and down the west coast set record rainfall totals as river, streams and creeks overflowed their banks.
For several days, this storm moved eastward dumping as much as 18 inches of rain in some places. Hundreds of homes were flooded and businesses were closed as streets were impassable from the deluge. The National Weather Services reported this system as a unique storm that literally affected every state in the contiguous, lower 48 states.

Charles Atkins, the initial responder for the Church of God, Care Ministries Division and Operation Compassion was ready to help within hours of the storm’s impact. Charles was in contact with State Offices receiving reports and directing his response where it was needed most.

Spawned from this storm system were tornadoes in the southeastern United States. God’s Pit Crew and Randy Johnson were ready to respond to the affected areas through local churches in the area. As part of Operation Compassion’s disaster relief, God’s Pit Crew serves as a staging warehouse for quicker response time to a disaster. Being located in south central Virginia, God’s Pit Crew is strategically placed to respond with a moments notice.

Through the efforts of countless volunteers, Church of God, Care Ministries Division and Operation Compassion was able to respond to hundreds of families affected by this remarkably destructive storm.

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