Operation Compassion Responds to Hurricane Stan

By , October 25, 2005

On October 4, 2005 as Hurricane Stan slammed into the Central American Gulf Coast, few people took notice. For the first time in months, a hurricane was making landfall somewhere beside the U.S. coastline and this hurricane was minimal at best. As clean up continued on the Gulf coast, Hurricane Stan did not make much of an impact in the news or in the minds of the survivors or relief workers.

However, Hurricane Stan would prove to be a catastrophic storm for Guatemala leaving more than 750 dead and more than 300 missing. While the winds quickly dissipated after landfall, Hurricane Stan dumped more than eighteen inches of rain with some local areas receiving as much as thirty inches of rainfall. As a result of this much rain, mud slides became the destructive force burying entire villages. Many did not realize the impact the rain had on the ground until the earth began to shake and rumble and walls of mud as high as six feet cascaded down on unsuspecting people.

In the aftermath of all this destruction, Operation Compassion and one of its major partners, Food for the Poor, have sent seventeen containers of protein bars and shakes giving life sustaining aid to the survivors. Food for the Poor has donated food to Operation Compassion for the Guatemala relief effort.

For the last six years Operation Compassion has responded to disasters around the world. Even though Hurricane Stan appeared to be a minimal storm, he proved to pack a devastating punch. Operation Compassion made a decision to help the survivors in Guatemala just as we have done in disaster past. For the next several weeks Operation Compassion and Food for the Poor will help the survivors continue to thrive through the aftermath of Hurricane Stan.

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