Operation Compassion Prepares for Hurricane Katrina

By , September 1, 2005

With twenty semi trucks of emergency disaster relief supplies staged strategically along the path of Hurricane Katrina, Operation Compassion is poised to help with the imminent disaster. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, coastal and inland locations will need assistance as Hurricane Katrina tracks as possibly one of the worst hurricanes in nearly forty years.

Throughout the weekend many partners of Operation Compassion have offered disaster relief goods to aid in what will likely be one of the largest recovery efforts in the United States. With 145 mile per hour sustained winds and the fourth lowest barometric pressure since Hurricane Camille in 1969, Hurricane Katrina is packing a horrific punch as she churns toward the Louisiana-Mississippi Gulf coast.

While residents are evacuating the coastal regions, Operation Compassion is busy establishing a network of disaster relief sites that will be able to distribute relief supplies to the affected areas. As soon as the hurricane moves through the region, volunteers will go in to assess the needs and begin the distribution of life sustaining disaster relief supplies.

As is the case with every disaster, the cost of delivering these life sustaining disaster relief supplies is staggering. Each semi truck that goes in a disaster area and returns for another load costs between two and four thousand dollars. While you might not be able to physically volunteer, you can help by becoming a financial partner as these twenty semi trucks begin to move.

To make a financial donation, product donation or a lead for corporate sponsorship:

Operation Compassion
114 Stuart Road, NE
Suite 370
Cleveland, TN 37312

Dr. John D. Nichols, President
David Lorency International Director
Tim Burdashaw, Communications & Development

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