Divine Intervention in Vidor, Texas

By , September 27, 2005

Shortly after Hurricane Rita made landfall and cleared the coastal regions of southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana, Operation Compassion sent assessment teams to look for areas needing assistance. As one of our teams approached the town of Vidor, they needed directions to the local church. The driver pulled off Interstate 10 and into a mall where he hoped to find some help.

The driver had no way of knowing what would transpire. Almost immediately three hundred people gathered around his disaster relief vehicle looking for food and water. As Charles Atkins tried to tell them he had no food with him, the crowd refused to believe and would not let him leave. Atkins called David Lorency of Operation Compassion and immediate calls went out for food and water for these people.

In the meantime, a local pastor happened upon the crowd and wanted to know what was happening. This pastor had prayer and calmed the crowd and Atkins assured them we would have delivered and soon as possible. Atkins found the local Church of God and proceeded to set up to serve these people.

One of the calls made by Lorency was to Kenny Lee of the New Hope Church of God in Sevierville, TN. Kenny was serving in Texas as one of our assessment teams. Kenny went to a FEMA distribution yard about thirty miles away looking for supplies. After much conversation, Kenny was able to secure three semis of water, ice and MRE’s for distribution in Vidor.

That night these three semis arrived. As the people were served, it attracted the attention of local law enforcement and other governmental leadership. Many were moved to tears because Operation Compassion was the first help they had received in this community. In fact, most of these people had not eaten since Thursday when the town closed up and everyone evacuated.

These people were not able to evacuate nor were they able to stock up on supplies. They were poor people with little or no means before the storm; now they were in worse condition. As the evening passed by more and more people were receiving assistance from these three semis. By the time distribution had finished, more than 3,000 people had received water, ice and MRE’s in Vidor, TX. If it were not for divine intervention, those people would have had to wait at least another day before help would have arrived!

Since the miracle in Vidor, Operation Compassion has delivered more than 70 semis into the devastated areas of Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Seven new disaster and feeding sites have been established with the help of local church pastors, mayors and chiefs of police.
During the next several days, weeks and months ahead, Operation Compassion will continue to be on the ground distributing life sustaining products to those  in need. However, we cannot do it alone. It will take everyone doing their part! Volunteer! Sponsor a truck! Pray for divine intervention so everyone can be help!

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