Hurricane Relief Continues in Aftermath of Frances

By , September 9, 2004

Friday, September 3rd was the day that Hurricane Frances started a slow and methodical walk across the state of Florida. For the next two and half days, wind, rain and coastal flooding forced almost 3 million Florida residents into evacuation centers. Hurricane Frances was so large that at one point she covered the whole state from the Keys to Jacksonville to Tallahassee.
As Hurricane Frances was downgraded to Tropical Strom Frances, her hold on Florida became more agonizing as she slowed her forward movement creating more concern for the possible damage. Finally, Frances moved into the Gulf of Mexico but set her sites on the panhandle. Fortunately, Frances moved through the panhandle more quickly and has moved up the east coast and is slowly dying.

This formidable storm called Frances made landfall 3 weeks to the day of Hurricane Charley. Much of the recovery effort from Hurricane Charley was either undone or created further damage in addition to creating new and more extensive damage.

Throughout the devastating storms of the past three weeks, Operation Compassion continued their relief efforts. Beginning the day after Hurricane Charley made landfall until now, Operation Compassion has sent 95 semi trucks loaded with bottled water, food, cleaning supplies and other disaster relief supplies.

Operation Compassion working in partnership with the Church of God Florida State Offices and other denominational departments have established disaster relief centers to aid in the recovery effort. Volunteers from across the United States have come to assist Florida’s survivors recover from these catastrophic storms and return life to normalcy.

According to David Lorency, International Field Director of Operation Compassion, “When the first hurricane slammed into the western coast of Florida, we thought this would be a 100 semi recovery effort. But with the second storm and the possibility of a third storm, it is very possible this relief effort will take 150 to 200 semis.”

Lorency continued, “Operation Compassion is about disaster relief. This is what we do! So, we will be in Florida, the Bahamas, Grenada or wherever to help meet the needs of the survivors of these storms.”

In addition to working with Churches of God in Florida, Operation Compassion also utilized their vast network of charities and agencies to deliver disaster relief supplies. Charities, churches, agencies and manufacturers from across the United States have offered water, food, building and construction supplies, shovels, cleaning supplies, tarps, plastic covers and other vital products to aid in this vast recovery effort.

Florida has experienced a devastating one-two punch! Resources are stretched thin. Even with the threat of a third storm, Hurricane Ivan, on the horizon. Operation Compassion has committed itself to continue supplying the needs.

Please send your donations to or contact:

Operation Compassion
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David Lorency, International Director
Tim Burdashaw, International Operations Coordinator

114 Stuart Road, NE Suite 370
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