Hurricane Ivan Was Terrible

By , September 17, 2004

Hurricane Ivan, a category 3 storm, made landfall on Gulf Shores, AL early Thursday morning. As Ivan proceeded inland throughout the day on Thursday, it became evident what damage had been done to the coast. Houses, cadmiums and beach front property were decimated. Thousands of people were left without electricity, gas or water.

All along the Gulf coast in Alabama and the panhandle of Florida, residents were trying to go to their homes to assess the damage. The barrier islands will be changed forever as new channels were cut through what was prime real estate property.

As Ivan moved inland, he created devastating floods with the torrential rains that fell on all ready saturated ground. Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Ashville, NC and Chattanooga, TN all recorded record rainfall which translated into flooding and road closures. Even in Cleveland, TN, one of Operation Compassion’s warehouse was flooded.

In anticipation of Hurricane Ivan and the potential damage, Operation Compassion established disaster relief centers in advance. There is one center in Birmingham and Mobile and 2 centers in the panhandle. Disaster relief supplies and product were staged and made ready for distribution as 2 semi trucks were sent to Mobile and the Florida panhandle and another semi truck sent to the Ocala area.

Throughout today and the week end assessments will continue to be made as to the damage. Estimates could exceede 15 billion dollars. This is the 4th storm to hit Florida and the southeastern United States since August 3rd and possibly the costliest. However, Operation Compassion will continue its disaster relief efforts, meeting the needs of people who find themselves in catastrophic circumstances.

Please send your donations to or contact:

Operation Compassion
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