Hurricane Francis Approaches Florida East Coast

By , September 3, 2004

Three weeks ago today everyone in Florida was bracing for Hurricane Charley, a strong category three storm. As Hurricane Charley traversed the peninsula, death and destruction was left in his wake. Within hours of landfall, Operation Compassion was sending in semi trucks loaded with disaster relief supplies.

During the past three weeks, Operation Compassion has directly sent 43 semi trucks and joined with other partners to send an additional 10 semis. Everything from bottled water to cleaning supplies, food and other designated disaster relief products were distributed through the five disaster relief sites located near the hardest hit areas.

With Florida residents barely starting the process of recovery, another hurricane looms on heir horizon. The strength of Hurricane Francis is a category three storm but the potential for her to strengthen has been enhanced. As Hurricane Francis draws closer to the east coast of Florida, her strength and size are growing.

Operation Compassion has already begun the process of staging semi truckloads of disaster relief supplies for the survivors of Hurricane Francis. Bottled water is staged and ready in a Florida warehouse as other products necessary for disaster recovery have been procured and brought to the Cleveland, TN warehouse.

As everyone hopes and prays Hurricane Francis will suddenly and drastically turn back to sea and away from Florida. If she continues on her course, Operation Compassion is ready, willing and able to assist those in her path.

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Operation Compassion
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