West Virginia Suffers Worst Flooding in Thirty Years

By , June 1, 2004

During the day on Sunday, May 30th, torrential rains fell across West Virginia as a series of thunderstorms crossed the state. It was evident that the ground would not be able to handle much more rainfall but there was nothing anyone could do but hope for the best. Within the next several hours, emergency management personnel were warning residents of the necessity to evacuate to higher ground.
While many heeded the warning, many others decided to stay with their homes and property. Shortly before the sun rose on Memorial Day, the worst flooding in 35 years began. As the runoff of the mountain rains cascaded down into the hollers, the peaceful creeks and rivers became torrents swiping everything in its path.

Governor Wise declared Logan, Mingo and Wyoming counties disaster areas and opened up shelters to take in the survivors. As it would happen, the Appalachian Dream Center had eight inches of water in the basement but continued to help shelter and feed families living in the immediate area. By noon Monday, the ADC was in full disaster mode delivering semis of cleaning supplies, bottled water and milk to the communities’ hardest hit.

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