First American Distribution Center Completes Phase 2 Construction

By , July 11, 2003

When the First American Distribution Center (FADC) had its formal dedication and opening, phase two of the construction process was not scheduled for completion for at least 2 years. However, due to the dedication of the FADC coordinator, James Rodgers and his wife, Sharon, the second phase has been completed one year ahead of schedule.

The second phase of the construction project for FADC was a house for the coordinator. Until the completion of the house, James and Sharon lived in a 30’ fifth wheel trailer. Without a single complaint, the Rodger’s lived in the cramped quarters for almost two years as they ministered to the Indian Nations.

During the past year, many volunteer laborers have visited the FADC and participated is the building process. Every time the construction phase moved forward, it never failed that the right laborers would show up to keep the process moving ahead. Church groups, individuals and friends all took part in the building process.

Many that could not participate in the actual building, donated materials for the job or finances so the materials could be purchased on time. Throughout the fall and winter months, crews kept coming the FADC to be apart of this historic building program. All the while, the Rodger’s worked right beside the volunteers as well as keeping the ministry to the Indians vital and productive.

The house was built beside the FADC on and eleven-acre tract of land donated by the Church of God Evangelism and Home Missions Department. The house was built with a spacious kitchen and dining area, a large and comfortable living room, a master bedroom complete with a full bath and dressing area. A front western style porch appoints the front and a small deck rounds out the rear of the house.

Because the land the house sits on was a large boulder, the foundation work was extensive and took quite a bit of time. Also, due to the fact there is no ground water on the land, an alternate method of providing water had to be built cause another delay and added expense. However, through it all, no one was discouraged or disheartened as everything began to fall into place until the final product was produced – a beautifully appoint house.

Upon completion of the project, James Rodgers said, “Well, it’s not the Taj Mahal but we didn’t need something that big. And, it’s not the 30’ foot trailer; we did need something bigger than that. And, God gave us just what we needed to minister and live among the Indian people.”

David Lorency, International Field Director, Operation Compassion, said, “The Rodgers’ have sacrificed far beyond what most people would have done. I do not know anyone that would have lived in a 30’ foot trailer for almost two years and work under the conditions that are sometimes required because of the weather extremes.”

Lorency continued, “James and Sharon have personally invested their lives into the FADC and are to be commented. It was a pleasure and delight to be able to facilitate the building of a coordinator’s house.”

Since the Rodgers’ have moved into the new house, Sharon has added the right touches that have made FADC Construction – Phase Two into a home! A home dedicated to give rest to those who labor among the Indian Nations.

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