Merry Christmas America 2002 Distributes to Record Numbers

By , January 3, 2003

20030103aBeginning in late October and ending on December 19th, Operation Compassion’s fleet of semis were busy crisscrossing the country delivering food, drinks, toys, stocking stuffers, hygiene articles and clothing to the Merry Christmas America 2002 partners. From North Carolina to California, North Dakota to New Mexico, in metropolitan areas and small towns, Operation Compassion’s partners were busy establishing Christmas programs unique to the needs of their communities.

20030103bEach partner received a semi loaded with food, drinks, candy, chips and boxes for about 380 families. Each box weighed between 50-60 pounds. There were enough chips, drinks and candy for each partner to have a special event or party for the community. Also included were enough toys and stocking stuffers for each child to receive five each. As a special bonus, each semi had five Roadmaster 26” Bicycles each one valued at $750.00.

20030103cBecause of all the hard work produced by everyone involved over 122,000 children received Christmas gifts that would have been without. More than 10,000 hot meals were served and over 30,000 families received food boxes. At least 500 first time conversions have also been reported.

20030103dThe success of Merry Christmas America 2002 came from twenty-five events hosted by churches and community agencies that helped purchase the products and pay for the shipping costs. Another seventy-five parties were direct partnerships through Operation Compassion Distribution Centers.

20030103eDuring the Christmas season there are always people that have a story to tell.

  • There was a mother with an autistic child that always wanted her son to learn to ride a bicycle but could never afford. However, this Christmas at one of the church sponsored parties, a drawing was held for one of the five Roadmaster bicycles and her son’s name was called. That mother saw that bicycle as a confirmation from the Lord that her desire for her son would come to pass.
  • Then there was the family with three children and they had not had new shoes in almost two years but this year all three received brand new Nike’ brand shoes from one of the church sponsored events.
  • In one town, the mayor got involved by selecting an extremely poor family that would have had nothing, no toys, no candy, no food, nothing for Christmas. Yet, they received the food box, toys, candy and other snack foods plus were selected through a drawing for one of the Roadmaster bicycles.

Merry Christmas America 2002 will be remembered for the impact a little food and some toys made on the lives of many and that the Christ of Christmas can be celebrated through tinsel.

Tim Burdashaw

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