Compassion Cincinnati Declares War On Inner City Poverty

By , September 20, 2002

After weeks of planning and meeting with city officials, Operation Compassion has opened its heart and doors to the inner city of Cincinnati, OH through Compassion Cincinnati which was birth by the congregation of Central Parkway Church of God. Under the leadership of Dr. John D. Nichols, President of Operation Compassion, David Lorency, International Field Director for Operation Compassion and Pastor Ron Martin, Director of Compassion Cincinnati, the maligned inner city will receive the help and hope it desperately needs.

After the groundbreaking and formal opening of Compassion Cincinnati facilities, Dr. Nichols declared, “The war on poverty in Cincinnati, Ohio has just begun. Through this marriage of resources, the families of this inner city will be lifted out of their poverty!” Nichols continued, “While the alleviation of poverty is a daunting task, today we have taken the first step. Tomorrow we will take the second step until there is no more war to wage.”

For several years, Pastor Ron Martin and the Central Parkway Church of God have been committed to a ministry that meets the needs of the inner city of Cincinnati, which sits at their doorstep. Even though the riots and burning of many inner city buildings came within blocks of the church, they kept doing all they could for the people who faced the hopelessness of poverty and need.

When asked why he would continue to help those who would riot and burn the city, Ron Martin stated, “The riots were a reaction to the circumstances most inner city people face. It was a way of crying for help! When you don’t have a job, food, clothing or adequate housing for your family and hopelessness sets in, people will react. Some steal, others use and sell drugs, still others, which is the vast majority, will try every legal way they can to get a job and support their families, until it becomes hopeless. The riots were an expression of hopelessness for the inner city of Cincinnati.”

However, a new day dawned for the people of Cincinnati! During June 2002, Compassion Cincinnati was born. A new building was purchased and remodeled by the congregation of Central Parkway which will serve as the hub of activity in alleviating the suffering and hurting. A downtown city park that had been abandoned was cleaned and beautified for the block party and hundreds of neighbors came to enjoy a festive and carefree day. There were toys and rides for the children and games for all ages. Hot dogs and hamburgers were prepared and everyone ate until full. At the end of the day, food boxes were distributed to families.

Since the initial opening of Compassion Cincinnati, many other events have also been undertaken. A back-to-school bash provided binders, paper, pens and pencils, markers and many of the necessary supplies to help children get a good start in school. Private schools from the inner city were invited to participate. At the same time, there was a back-to-school bash for Hispanic inner city private schools as well. Everyone received an abundance of school supplies including the teachers and school administrators.

Shortly after Compassion Cincinnati became operational, it was named and given a charter to serve the inner city as a Share Compassion Food Co-Op. Now, Compassion Cincinnati is not only helping individual families but also other agencies, churches and organizations that are helping wage this war on poverty.

According to David Lorency, “This is one more link in the war Operation Compassion is waging on poverty in America. No one agency, organization or church can do it alone. It takes everyone!” Lorency continued, “With the opening of Compassion Cincinnati, Operation Compassion now has three Compassion America cities working to better the lives of men, women and children struggling with the challenges of inner city life.”

Tim Burdashaw
Communications Coordinator

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