First American Distribution Center

By , October 30, 2009
First American Distribution CenterCompleted in the Fall 2002, this 12,000 sq. ft. building serves the Indian Nations of the U.S. with food and water distribution, clothing and educational materials and supplies.

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First American Distribution Center in Gallup, NM


David Lorency – President
Michael Hartwell
– Coordinator

It is the base of Operation Compassion’s outreach to the 22 Indian Nations located in the West from Mexico to Canada. The First American Distribution Center will contain the following program and ministries:

  1. 8,000 square foot Distribution Center to provide food, clothing and medicine.
  2. Regional food pantries. Food pantries will be set up throughout the West to provide food and clothing for the needy.
  3. Children of the World First American Center.
  4. Mobile medical clinics
  5. Volunteer housing center
  6. Senior Adult Total Life Center

Caravan of Compassion

Caravan of Compassion is a special one day event, usually a Saturday, in local communities throughout the Indian Nations of the West. Operation Compassion partners with local churches in the community to distribute one or more semi loads of assorted food and clothing. 500 to 1,000 families are helped that one day with a 50lb box of food and clothing for the family.

Hope for the Desert

A special event in communities throughout the West where we combine distribution of food and clothing with practical and caring help to hurting and needy people. Doctors, dentists and nurses assist with medical care. Toys, snacks and gifts are distributed along with fun activities for children.

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