Merry Christmas from Operation Compassion

By , December 20, 2019

The Christmas season offers Operation Compassion an opportunity to look back and reflect on this past year of 2019. While 2019 has been a very productive and successful year, it has also seen challenges from around the world. Natural disasters, economic distress of communities, hunger, under-served and under-privileged communities are only a few of the past and future challenges.

Operation Compassion was able to continue to meet needs of millions of people around the world and the United States through our programs and initiatives. Rural and urban centers were supplied with products and goods to aid in serving their respective communities. The Appalachia region and Native American communities received clothing, food products, building materials and many other products necessary to help communities survive.

In addition, Operation Compassion was able to send products to 5 of the 7 continents of the world (North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa). Feeding stations, schools, adult centers hospitals are only a few of the community locations in multiple countries of the world that Operation Compassion has sent products and supplies. From war torn countries like Syria to Eastern Europe to Israel to Congo to Indonesia, Operation Compassion has reached out to the most vulnerable of our communities with help, love and concern.

Most recently, Operation Compassion has just sent the 60th container of relief goods and supplies to the Bahamas. Since the Bahamas was devastated by Hurricane Dorian in early September. Food, bottled water, clothing, shoes, cleaning supplies, hygiene products and multiple other products necessary to survive a category 5 hurricane has been delivered to date. In fact, 7 disasters around the world and across the United States have been served by Operation Compassion this calendar year.

Operation Compassion believes that we need to help our neighbors, even if our neighbors are thousands of miles away. Our mission and goal is to help, aid, love and deliver wherever we can in the world. You can become a partner with Operation Compassion by giving financially. Giving is easy, safe and quick. Partner today! Give today!

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