Operation Compassion Response to Devastating Weather

By , May 28, 2019

For the past couple of weeks the Midwest and other parts of the country have been facing some devastating weather. Tornadoes, floods, severe thunderstorms, torrential rainfall and damaging winds, just to name a few of the difficult weather conditions people have had to face. Along with these severe weather conditions, dams and levees are at risk of overflowing or giving way, in many places, because of the pressure from all the water. Many cities along the Arkansas River are in danger as the water flows downstream creating disaster scenarios. Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri have all faced disaster during the past couple of weeks.

In fact, Operation Compassion sent 3 semi-trucks to Texas last week to our non-profit partners for distribution. We will continue to monitor the weather conditions and will send more relief goods as the conditions warrant them.

In Oklahoma, Operation Compassion continues to monitor the Tulsa area as levees threaten to break from the flood waters of the Arkansas River. So far, the residents have been able to escape devastation by releasing more water through the dam.

The Walmart in Coffeyville, Kansas has been closed due to the imminent flooding that is expected. Operation Compassion is monitoring this situation as severe flooding could cause total devastation to the town of Coffeyville.

A couple of weeks ago, Operation Compassion was able to send a semi-truck of disaster relief goods to assist those that had experienced severe flooding in Omaha, Nebraska. While those flood water had receded a bit, today there is new flooding that is developing again.

While Missouri experienced a couple of tornadoes last week, the damage was not as catastrophic as the tornado that ripped through there a couple of years ago. Residents are picking up the pieces and the outlook has been favorable. There has been some minor flooding as Operation Compassion continues to monitor the situation there.

Dayton, Ohio is the most recent to suffer damage at the hand of a tornado. The power was knocked out to 88% of the population, including the water treatment plant, which means there is no fresh drinking water. Operation Compassion and another non-profit disaster relief partner is sending in semi-trucks of bottled water to initially assist.

With so many disasters happening and many at the brink, Operation Compassion will need your financial help in meeting the needs of the thousands of people affected by the severe storms. It is easy to give online, by phone or through the mail.

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