Operation Compassion Renews Commitment to Haiti

By , August 4, 2017

IMG_3598Since the inception of Operation Compassion, Haiti has been a priority for receiving products and supplies. Haiti has always been a country of extreme poverty especially in the outlying areas away from the major cities. At one point, Operation Compassion sent so many birthing packs that the birth mortality rate dropped in rural areas.

Then, in 2010 the unthinkable happened. A devastating earthquake rocked the tiny nation almost destroying it. Lightroom Haiti-255Cities were reduced to rubble, towns and villages were destroyed across the country and the rural areas were decimated. Operation Compassion sent hundreds of containers filled with every kind of product and supplies necessary to sustain life for the survivors.

Seven years later, Operation Compassion is still sending containers to aid those still trying to recover. Just last month, 19 containers were sent full of shoes, clothing, paper products, bedding, building materials and other 18145_304343121564_288749111564_4629810_3339530_nnecessary supplies. Even though Haiti is not in the media or on the front pages of newspapers, their countrymen are still fighting a daily battle of survival. A battle that Operation Compassion has fully enjoined and plans to wage until Haiti is back on its feet.

Every month, Operation Compassion designates products, goods and supplies for Haiti. These items are distributed throughout the hotbeds of extreme poverty. While the task is still great, Operation Compassion is not alone in the battle. You can participate, too! Join us in helping fight the poverty in Haiti!

DSC_0050Anyone interested in supporting financially, donating products or providing a corporate lead may contact:

Operation Compassion

114 Stuart Road, NE PMB 370

Cleveland, TN 37312

423.728.3932 Office

423.728.3958 Fax


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