Operation Compassion Helps Build Diverse Shelters

By , November 13, 2015

WONDERBOARDONEPoverty in underdeveloped countries is on the rise. Poverty is the number reason why families live without the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, medical care and education. Most families earn less than $1 per day and the rise homelessness among children is the greatest contributing factors. Because of the threat of disease and death, it becomes imperative for these families have a place to receive nutritious meals, medical attention, education and a place to live. The only way to break the cycle of poverty is to help provide these basics.

ConstructionprojSince its inception, Operation Compassion has felt a strong need to work through networks of partners in order to maximize our efforts without duplicating services of other charities. Many times Operation Compassion takes the lead role, at other times we work in the background. The most important thing is accomplishing the goal of each project to help alleviate some of the sting of extreme poverty.

Over the years, Operation Compassion has shared numerous projects of providing and building diverse types of shelters. One network, Operation Compassion has shared the building of 7,000 homes on average each year. Another network concentrates on building feeding centers and medical clinics. Yet, another network builds schools and community centers. Each project is important as it gives those caught in poverty an opportunity to find a better life.

Not only does the building itself provide long term assistance but the construction of these homes, feeding centers, schools, medical clinics and community centers also create jobs. These jobs provide an opportunity for people to learn a trade or skill and continue to find employment. Getting help to those in need is more important than who delivers it! It’s about maximizing effort for the good of those living in poverty. This interdependence with other charities and NGO’s has been our hallmark and will continue to be as Operation Compassion moves forward.


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