Operation Compassion Launches Network Serving One Million Children

By , November 4, 2014

Over the course of the past several months, Operation Compassion has been in discussion with many church and governmental leaders in Mexico and Central America about launching a network involving multiple non-profit agencies, country presidents, city mayors, and approximately 6,000 churches. This network will serve more than one million at risk and underserved children living in the region.

It’s no secret that many at risk and underserved children throughout Mexico and Central America struggle to survive. These children, in many instances, have no one to help. No matter how hard any one charity or individual tries, there is no way to reach these children in mass. However, with government and church leaders, non-profits and local churches working together, these children can be helped and given a new lease on life.

As part of the network, feeding centers, medical clinics and homes will be built to better serve these children. Operation Compassion will participate in the network by providing food, clothes, shoes, building materials, medical supplies and equipment and textbooks. In fact, the first container of clothes and shoes is being prepared for shipping. Because of the diversity of organizations involved in this network, there is a greater opportunity to serve children in hundreds of locations instead of one or two.

In the course of final planning of this network, Operation Compassion was offered 1.5 million pairs of shoes, 5 million meals, hundreds of thousands of pieces of new children’s clothing, hundreds of semis of tile and other building supplies and dozens of semis of medical supplies and equipment.

David Ramirez, Field Director of Latin America, Julio Melendez, Superintendent of Mexico, Otoniel Collins, Superintendent of Central America and David Lorency, President of Operation Compassion has been spearheading the development of this network for more than one year. It was decided that a network of this magnitude was necessary to maximize the efforts of those involved.

If you would like to help Operation Compassion and this network in Mexico and Central America, please consider making a donation today. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of one million children!

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