Operation Compassion Sends Relief Aid to New Mexico

By , June 25, 2014

Located just west of Gallup, NM is the First American Distribution Center. This is a major source of assistance to the Navajo Reservation and other Indian Nations nearby. For several years, Mike Hartwell has been the coordinator splitting his time between New Mexico and West Virginia where he is also the coordinator of the Appalachian Dream Center. This past winter was harsh on the high desert plateau and supplies previously sent by Operation Compassion have been depleted.

In response, Operation Compassion has recently sent 8 semi-trailers loaded with products and supplies for distribution and pre-staging for next winter. Two semi-trailers were loaded with bottled water that was used for the firefighters battling the recent wildfires in the nearby mountains. This blaze has been burning for several weeks and bottled water is critical for rehydrating the firefighters.

One semi-trailer was sent loaded with fresh produce. This gift was delivered from the Mexican/Arizona border. Kirsty Scott working with World Emergency Relief, one of our strategic partners, was instrumental in providing this gift.

The fresh produce is an important source for nutrition in the fight against diabetes which is a critical health issue on the Reservation.

Recently, Operation Compassion renewed an annual grant for blankets. The grant calls for Operation Compassion to receive approximately 220,000 blankets during the course of this year. Five semi-trailers were delivered to Mike Hartwell at FADC and will be distributed as the fall and winter approaches. This blanket program is vital on the Reservation since most people heat with wood burning stoves and wood is very difficult to find.

Because of the dedication and tireless efforts of men like Mike Hartwell, Operation Compassion has a growing and vital presence among the First Americans. Their efforts have been multiplied, bringing a vast network of non-profits together.

David Lorency, President

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