Operation Compassion Sends Medical Supplies to Eight Countries

By , May 14, 2014

In many countries it is difficult for the poor to find adequate medical care. Often they go untreated because of the scarcity of clinics and lack of medical equipment and supplies. With the increase in disease and injury prevalent in underdeveloped countries because of improper sanitation and lack of footwear, medical supplies become a life or death commodity. In response to this continuing need, Operation Compassion has sent a variety of medical supplies and equipment to eight countries. 

The medical supplies include cleaning supplies like bleach and de-stainer for sterility and cleanliness of the facilities, various pieces of medical equipment, both surgical and non-surgical medical packs, general medical supplies and medical linens. All of which are vital to those visiting the medical clinics established in the Caribbean, Latin and South America.

For example, seven clinics in Haiti received several containers containing a variety of medical supplies and equipment to better serve the people in their area. Operation Compassion has also formed a partnership with two doctors to help supply clinics located in four countries of Latin America. During the past few months, Operation Compassion has sent more than 20 containers with more than 362 pallets of medical supplies and equipment.

Operation Compassion is determined to help these doctors and clinics with necessary medical supplies and equipment. It’s expensive! However, it is a matter of life and death to many needing treatment. Help Operation Compassion save lives. It is easy to donate!


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