Operation Compassion Distributes Tile Worldwide

By , March 20, 2014

During the last 12 months, Operation Compassion has distributed a record 1.5 million square feet of tile through its partners. That is more than 200 semi-trucks loaded with tile! Our partners use the tile for walls, floors and exteriors. One million square feet of tile was distributed through ongoing international programs and 500,000 square feet was distributed through a one-time purchase for domestic use.

Tile doesn’t seem like an exciting donation but it is an important commodity. Following the earthquake in Haiti, a donation of tile helped build 7 clinics for ongoing treatment of survivors. The tile has been used to cover the floors of open air feeding centers and senior adult day care centers enabling services to continue to children and seniors. The money saved from using the tile instead of traditional flooring has also contributed to continuing services. Tile was used to help build schools so 4,000 children could receive an education.The tile has been used to finish building medical and dental clinics. Tile was even used for wall covering because of the easy sterility and disinfection of the surfaces, especially when dealing with food and medical procedures.

The tile was offered to many of our domestic partners for use in specialty projects. The Smokey Mountain Children’s Home received multiple semis as they remodeled on-campus homes that house children. Christ Central Ministries received tile to help build Hope Center, which was dedicated by the Governor of South Carolina in Graniteville. In addition, Operation Compassion was able to give a special gift of 40 semis of tile and material to our local Habitat for Humanity. That was 380,000 square feet of tile that will help build approximately 3,100 homes. The local Habitat acknowledged the gift as the largest local gift ever received.

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