Operation Compassion Sends Aid to the Philippines

By , November 15, 2013

One of the greatest disasters the world has ever witnessed is unfolding in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. With thousands dead and missing and thousands more displaced, disaster relief has been a difficult challenge for the Philippine Government and NGO’s. However, Operation Compassion has been engaged in a number of disaster relief activities trying to help as much as possible.

Because time was of the essence, Operation Compassion is wiring finances to our Philippine disaster relief coordinator to purchase critical items for immediate distribution in the disaster relief area.


Operation Compassion is shipping 100,000 pounds of disaster relief supplies including 26,880 bottles of water and more than 1,488 disaster buckets (donated by God’s Pit Crew) which includes bottled water, food, personal hygiene items and a flashlight with extra batteries. Also, tents, sleeping bags and other products of necessity are included for immediate distribution by our network of Philippine NGO’s.

Within our disaster relief network, Operation Compassion is providing product from our warehouses to NGO’s shipping to the Philippines. This will help get more needed supplies into the disaster area quicker. One of these partners, Mercy Chefs, has given $2,500 in addition to providing a disaster relief expert that will travel to the Philippines with a portable water purifying system that will provide 8,000 to 10,000 gallons of pure drinking water. Also, our large network of disaster relief partners are sending us product to ship.

During the past 6 years Operation Compassion has been working with a Philippine network of 1,000 trained disaster relief chaplains, 600 local churches, orphanages and feeding centers. Operation Compassion has financially supported them for the last 4 years and through this network disaster relief supplies are being distributed.

This disaster will be a challenge in so many ways; the size and scope, the distance and the cost. Every dollar donated will be spent for this disaster. Please help Operation Compassion fulfill its mission by financially supporting this disaster relief effort. There are three ways you can give today.

David Lorency, President

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