Operation Compassion Sends Aid to Tonga, South Africa

By , January 18, 2013

In Tonga, South Africa, there is a Children’s Home and Feeding Center that cares for children infected with HIV/AIDS at birth. In most of Africa, parents are dying and leaving children as orphans. In Tonga, the horrible truth is that children are dying of HIV/AIDS as well as their parents. The government of South Africa calls this area “The World’s Capital for HIV/AIDS” with more than 50% of the children infected at birth. In addition, they also feed children that are in need without HIV/AIDS. 

According to David Lorency, Operation Compassion has been supporting the Tonga Feeding Center with financial support to purchase food and shoes for the children. For more than 40 years, missionaries Paul and Ellie van Zyl reached out to children in need.

Since the tragic death of Paul, Ellie now continues their mission of reaching children that have been cast off from society. Operation Compassion has joined the battle to help these precious little children make it one more day!

David Lorency, President

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