Operation Compassion Continues Re-Supplying Efforts

By , November 1, 2012

Two days after the brunt of Super Storm Sandy made landfall on the Eastern Coast, Operation Compassion is busy re-supplying the areas where pre-storm staging had taken place, stated David Lorency.  Sixteen semi-trucks are being delivered to those areas that were affected and an additional 20 are being staged to re-supply.

      In the Tidewater area of Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland, Hope Charitable Services (HCS) is serving as a distribution point receiving semi-trucks of supplies and delivering smaller trucks to the affected area. Because of flooding and damage, box trucks provide easier access to these areas. The Crisfield, MD church will receive product for the southern Eastern Shore.

      Hope NYC, Jamaica, Queens, New York City, has made available a warehouse with loading docks to serve as a distribution point for New York. From Queens it’s just a short drive in smaller trucks to deliver and re-supply the hardest hit areas. In partnership with God’s Pit Crew (GPC), 3 semi-trucks have been delivered and 3 additional trucks are in route to NYC.

On the winter side of this Storm, Appalachian Dream Center (ADC) is front and center in the relief effort. Under the direction of Mike Hartwell, ADC is providing product and serving hot meals to those who have been affected. Many areas along the Appalachian Mountain Region received 2 to 3 feet of snow with more falling in some localities.

During this entire relief effort, Operation Compassion could not have carried the complete load. But through strategic partnerships across the country, Operation Compassion is able to direct and participate in the delivery of products, goods, volunteers, heavy equipment, mobile kitchens and many other resources made available.

Three of those strategic partners are Feed the Children (FTC), Soles4Souls (S4S) and God’s Pit Crew (GPC). FTC has been a long term partner working with Operation Compassion on many relief efforts from the Hurricane Mitch in 1998, New York City on 9/11 and now with Sandy 2012. Their partnership is invaluable as they direct millions of pounds of food and others supplies through their warehouse across the United States. Even after suffering damage to their New Jersey Warehouse, FTC was able to help in the relief effort.

S4S has been in a partnership for several years with Operation Compassion. Many do not understand the value of shoes during a disaster. However, if you only had water logged shoes, a new, dry pair would be appreciated. Through S4S thousands of pairs of shoes will be distributed in the days to come.

     GPC has partnered with Operation Compassion for many years. Their expertise in clearing and removing debris with their heavy equipment is unparalleled. They have committed to work every storm possible along with their large network of volunteers. GPC is also able to help deliver products and supplies on their way to a disaster relief site.

         Please help Operation Compassion continue re-supplying the relief effort to your neighbors on the east coast by donating financially to Operation Compassion. Your donation will go directly to the disaster relief efforts.

David Lorency, President


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