Operation Compassion Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

By , October 29, 2012

Well before Hurricane Sandy started skirting the eastern seaboard of the United States, Operation Compassion began assembling supplies, products and disaster relief goods just in case, stated David Lorency. As it became apparent that Hurricane Sandy was going to be a weather phenomenon, further preparations were confirmed as 10 key partners were contacted from North Carolina up the coast to New York. With product and supplies staged along the coast and inland in preparation for the snow associated with Sandy, Operation Compassion is preparing for a response unlike anything since Hurricane Katrina.

God’s Pit Crew (GPC) is being resourced by Operation Compassion to deliver blankets, Gatorade, heavy equipment and other supplies to hurricane victims. Frank Allen is also being resourced for the Norfolk, VA and Eastern Shore area. Other partners have received supplies for local areas in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and along the Pennsylvania/Maryland state line.

Further inland, Appalachia Dream Center (ADC) is preparing for as much as 2-3 feet of snow throughout the region. ADC is capable of housing volunteers and victims, serving 1,000 hot meals per day and dispensing goods and supplies. In addition, the Army National Guard uses ADC as a staging area bringing heavy duty generators and equipment to assist with the relief effort.

Each partner joining Operation Compassion brings their own set of unique skills to the disaster relief effort. Four thousands trained Chaplains, heavy equipment, mobile kitchens, cleaning and debris removal, volunteers, blankets, cots, ready to eat food, bottled water and other goods, products and supplies all coming together to assist those in harm’s way.

With the staging completed, Operation Compassion is waiting for the resupplying effort following the storm. There are enough supplies on the ground for the initial response but our partners will need to be resupplied quickly after the storm passes. This is one of the most important aspects of the disaster. You can help your neighbors on the east coast by donating financially to Operation Compassion. Your donation will go directly to the resupplying efforts.

David Lorency, President

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