Operation Compassion Responds Immediately to West Virginia Flooding

By , March 15, 2012

About 5:30 am a fierce storm began to pelt the southwestern part of West Virginia with hail, thunder and lightning, followed by torrential rains. Life-long residents say it was one of the worst storms to come through the area. While the rain ended around 9:30 am, the run off from the mountains has created a flooding unprecedented in recent memory.

The roads and streets became rivers with white caps rolling through towns and communities, devouring anything in its path. Trailers, houses, garages, cars and anything else that would float was carried downstream leaving hundreds without any place to go.

Immediately, Operation Compassion was able to start assisting residents through our Appalachia Dream Center in Holden under the direction of Mike Hartwell. Mike has fought through the flooding throughout the day preparing to help survivors. Hot meals are being served this evening and products will be available for distribution at ADC.

As news of the devastation started spreading, Operation Compassion’s disaster relief partners began offering assistance as well. Feed the Children was the first to help with product and is one of the reasons we were able to respond immediately.

During the next several days, as the flood waters begin to recede and residents return to their homes, clean-up will begin in earnest. Until then, Operation Compassion and our disaster relief partners like Feed the Children will be helping survivors.

David Lorency, President

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