Operation Compassion Responds to Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Floods and Wild Fires

By , June 8, 2011

Joplin, Missouri: Tornado Aftermath

Anyone reading the newspapers has heard about all the inclement weather that has been raging around the world the past several months. Throughout this entire catastrophe, one constant has been depended on, Operation Compassion was there! Below is a brief report on the responses of Operation Compassion.

Relief America

Tornadoes: with the recent outbreaks of killer tornadoes across the Midwest, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic this spring, thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed or severely damaged. Hundreds of families are homeless or living in temporary housing as their lives have been totally turned upside down. In response to these outbreaks, Operation Compassion has resourced 41 disaster relief sites in 9 states providing relief goods. More than 16 sites are serving thousands of hot meals, operating shower trailers, washer/dryer units and hosting clean-up crews with heavy equipment. In addition, volunteers, chaplains and trained disaster counselors are available for anyone wanting to share their personal stories. As of June 6, 2011, Operation Compassion has delivered more than 100 semi-trailers of relief supplies and goods.

Floods: 6 disaster relief sites are being established in strategic locations across the flooding zone. More than 4 semi-trucks and box trucks have been delivered and many more are being staged as needed.

Wild Fires: wild fires may be a natural rebirth of our forestry but they can cause disastrous consequences for those living in its path. Wild fires in GA and FL accounted for the loss of several homes and thousands of acres of forests. Operation Compassion was able to respond with cold bottled water, extra thick socks and other products necessary for the firefighters.

Global Relief

Haiti Earthquake: 18 months ago, Haiti was hit by one of the worst earthquakes in recent history. Thousands were displaced from their homes and communities and thousands lost their lives. Operation Compassion was able to begin relief efforts almost immediately because of our commitment to help Haiti before the earthquake. Operation Compassion furthered that commitment by pledging to send 200 semi-trucks (containers) of disaster relief goods and products during the next 2 years of recovery. As of June 6, 2011, Operation compassion has sent and cleared 226 semi-trucks (containers) to Haiti; more than promised and sooner than projected!

(Reuters: Yomiuri Shimbun)

Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Accident: earlier this year, when the third most violent earthquake in history struck Japan, triggering a killer tsunami of more than 30 feet, tens of thousands of people experienced the worst disaster in modern history. Yet, the resolve and fortitude of the Japanese have helped them work toward recovery. Even after a nuclear incident from the flooding sent many evacuees further away from home, they continued to help one another. In response to these back to back to back disasters in Japan, Operation Compassion was able to respond with requested specialty items that were airlifted because of necessity. In addition, Operation Compassion wired financial support. Now, Operation Compassion has received permission to ship semi-trucks (containers) to Japan. The first 2 containers left last week with 18 more ready to ship in the next several days.

Each survivor has a story and every story tells a need! Help Operation Compassion meet that need, donate today!

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