Vegetable Seeds Provide Food and Economic Growth

By , March 4, 2011

Operation Compassion received a very large donation of vegetable seeds designated for third world countries. These seeds will prove to be a valuable contribution on two economic fronts for these countries.

Sample packages of seeds received

First and foremost, the seeds will be used to provide vegetable gardens for families to produce their own food. The vegetables will help balance the diets of people that mainly survive on rice. In the process of growing their own food, families will be trained how to keep seeds from the harvest to produce a garden next year and the year after. Hopefully, proper nutrition can be reproduced through this process.

Secondly, these seeds will be used to help provide vegetables that can be used to sell and/or barter on an open market providing other food stuffs and supplies people could not otherwise afford. These ‘mini farms’ will also help feed their immediate communities through the produce bartering system.

Thousands of seed packages boxed for shipping

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