Operation Compassion Continues Grass-Roots Haitian Relief

By , March 5, 2010

Since the earthquake struck Haiti, Operation Compassion has been shipping products for the massive relief effort. Fourteen of our grass roots partners that are actively distributing goods on the ground have received products and supplies since the earthquake. Within the next few days another 3 partners will be added making 17 the total number of partners on the ground distributing products and supplies to earthquake survivors.

One of the many tents that have been shipped through Operation Compassion

This network of partners in Haiti have been instrumental in delivery of life saving and sustaining products, supplies and services. The network has established refugee camps, clinics and hospitals, schools, feeding centers and product distribution sites. They have given away, clothing, shoes, food, bottled water, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, medical supplies and equipment and many other products. The partners not only share product sent from Operation Compassion but also receives financial assistance for many logistical and expense related needs.

In addition, other partners have helped set up mobile kitchens to assist in feeding the many refugees created by the earthquake. Financial support and goods are being used to establish these locations that can best serve the largest number of people. Outside of Port au Prince, people are being neglected because of the vast numbers needing help. However, our partners are making it possible for survivors to find the help they need.

  • Medical – medical clinics and hospitals have been established and resupplied following the earthquake
  • Refugee Camps – more than 60,000 Haitian refugees have found help through the refugee camps established through our network of partners
  • Massive network of churches – hundreds of schools, orphanages and feeding centers are resupplied on a regular basis

Food distribution

Through March 3, 2010 Operation Compassion has shipped and prepared the following containers of relief good and supplies for Haiti. Our 14 partner organizations are in receipt or will be receiving these products for immediate distribution.

22 Containers shipped prior to the earthquake
55 Containers shipped from Cleveland, TN warehouse
15 Containers shipped from Remote warehouses
35 Product staged and waiting on containers for shipping
127 Total containers shipped or prepared to ship

57 Containers in Haiti and distributed
35 Containers en route to Haiti
35 Containers booked for shipping to Haiti
127 Total containers shipped or en route

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